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Videojuegos decepcionantes


Guitar Hero: Orfeón Donostiarra

SingStar Pablo Abraira

Animal Cross Dressing

La Carta Más Alta 10th Anniversary Platinum Edition

Xtreme Osteoporosis Simulator 2011

Enrique Jardiel Poncela’s Football Manager

The Legend of Zelda 33⅓: The Final Insult

Microwave Oven Simulator 3000

The Sims: The Anne Frank Expansion


José Luis Moreno’s Monchito Puppet Simulator

Grand Theft Auto V: Black Lives Matter

Super Married Bros.

Call of Duty: Afroamerican Cannon fodder

Stephen Hawking’s Creed Valhalla

Better Call Dark Souls

Fallout: New Lugo

Zambomba Hero

Metal Gear Solid: Fanny & Alexander

Sid Meier’s Photosynthesis